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Cherry Blosson at the Hanging Gardens

An Introduction To
The Wilderness Trust & The Hanging Gardens

The Wilderness Trust (founded 1987) provides opportunities for people to build deeper connection with nature through practical training on the land, education and immersion in the Arts. Its aim is to enable more sustainable lifestyles - at individual and community level, benefitting both people and planet. 

The Wilderness Trust Logo
The Hanging Gardens Logo

How can we build an even more beautiful, vibrant, inclusive and resilient Community than the wonderful one we have already?  So much has changed in the last couple of years and so much is going to change in the next. How can we be there, leading the change we want to see, rather than just letting it happen to us? 


We would like this new project to be a space where the community can flex its imagination, grow wherever there is passion for new ideas, become a creative hub for all who would like to be treading new paths to the future –  building an ever richer, kinder, more hopeful  world. 


Frances Blockley (Chair)


Ursula Freeman (Secretary)


Kevin Blockley (Treasurer)


Dave Darby

​Amrit Sachar


Rosamond Mary James

Janet Crisp


Richard Higgs

Misty Footpath
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