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The Community Gardens Allotments

The Community Gardens

At the rear of the venue is our beautiful community garden space

with micro allotments, fruit trees, pond, and wildlife area.

It was originally set up in  2014 by Cultivate Newtown  - on derelict ground - with a huge hand from Llani community members. In its initial years was a thriving space enjoyed by all.

We will restore it to its former glory,  evolving the space to become a site for workshops and skill sharing around growing and propagation.  It will become a place of learning, relaxing, sharing and connection, building vital skills in the steps to greater community  sustainability ​

We are also working to establish a network connecting all gardeners, allotment holders and growers in the  area so that we can find out what people are already doing in Llanidloes, showcase their work and understand where we need to put more effort into  collaborative new initiatives surrounding growing. 

Community Gardens
Paved seating area
Micro Allotments
Pavel Seating Area in the Community Gardens
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