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Hafren Forest


Today - a time of greater awareness of our worldwide challenges - we need to have greater ambition and take greater risks to find a balance that restores our hope in a vibrant future and to enhance our resilience.  


We want that every organisation, every member of society, to have the chance to be involved and implement new practices, new ways of exchanging, consuming, interacting with others and the world around them.

We want to strengthen the links of solidarity and mutual aid within the community.

We want to share knowledge and experiment know-how on sustainable development, climate change, and green recovery

Community Resilience - Sowing seeds for the future.jpg

The Hanging Gardens project is a Hub for ideas and new initiatives for the community


  • Facilitating city-wide events (pumpkin festival, kite festival) that bring together the whole community

  • Organising workshops and activities to raise awareness around issues linked to the current crises and to green recovery.

  • Encouraging the participation of diverse parts of our community all in our activities, (especially the most vulnerable groups)

  • Offering multiple opportunities for volunteering and involvement

  • Promoting the transfer of skills between members of the community from all backgrounds

  • Developing small scale experiments of green initiatives

  • Producing tools and documents that capitalise on local knowledge and know-how.

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