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Fresh local vegetables


We have recently established our Healthy Food Group with members of our community working towards helping reshape the towns’ access to healthy food.

Part of our work at the Hanging Gardens is the creation of a food Hub allowing a space to bring together and promote local produce. We will help to set up new initiatives that link producers and consumers recreating the link between the food we buy and where and how it is produced and processed. We want to promote healthy and balanced eating, to give meaning to food and the joy of eating, cooking, and sharing a meal. The Hanging Gardens will highlight local expertise and give everyone the opportunity to get involved. Finally, we want local, healthy, quality food to be available and accessible to all.

Our dream for the future of the Hanging Gardens project is to be a building block on which our community can grow, access local produce and to be a centre for education on a range of food, growing and sustainability related topics. We envision the Hanging Gardens as a vibrant space which will not just accommodate, but facilitate multiple community groups to run activities, workshops, and events. Thereby strengthening the bonds of solidarity and mutual aid of the Llanidloes community.

Joe serving Soup



As a part of ongoing food focused activities, we are running winter cooking and socialising groups. We plan for the group to take part in activities surrounding cooking with low energy on a limited budget. We will run a course of 6, fortnightly community meals and 3, monthly cooking demonstrations from January to March that will provide healthy food as well as teaching skills on how to cook with local fresh produce on a budget with minimal energy and time available. Our focus will be on creating a space where all are welcomed. An opportunity for individuals to come together to socialise and find a comfortable, safe place within the community. The funding we have been granted to run these events covers us for 3 months however through this experience we aim to sustain similar workshops and events and continue to run them all year. 

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