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The Hanging Gardens  lives up to its claims of being open to all by hosting all forms of life from ladybirds and butterflies to newts and frogs. 

Our Community Garden has a small pond and wildlife space to ensure all are catered for - amphibious or otherwise. 

Our Thursday group have  built swift boxes to entice the abundant swift colony that graces the summer skies above the gardens, to come and breed on our buildings. 



The Making Welsh Hay project was set up and designed by Zero Carbon Llanidloes. It is funded by the Landfill Disposal Tax Community Scheme. The project aims to create, protect and reinstall value to hay meadows habitats. Since the industrialisation of agriculture hay meadows have increasingly become relics of the farmland ecosystem, yet their value for ecosystem services can not be overlooked. Meadows have huge capabilities to store carbon from the atmosphere as biomass, both above and below ground, they support a plethora of biodiversity, from microorganisms to insects to birds and mammals. Culturally, meadows are a space of beauty and have been shown to hold value for healing and restoring individuals (in conjunction with other medical practices). This project delivers habitat management advise to landowners, will bring together communities for events such as the Kite and Meadow Festival, and Meadows of the Past event, and is contributing to a more sustainable Wales, where communities appreciate their native, natural surroundings and understand the intricacies which complex habitats provide.

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