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Bumble Bee fancy dress at the Pumpkin Festival

Up Coming Events

The Hanging Gardens is a totally inclusive space – events in our venue cater to everybody in the community. From talks on astro-physics to sewing groups, Welsh language clubs to arts and crafts for learning-impaired young adults, there is something for everyone.

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The Hanging Gardens is excited to announce our kids music classes this summer with Lowri Preston!
Free sessions for children up to 7 years old every Wednesday morning!

The number of places for each session is limited to 12. Remember to book or get on the waiting list to make sure you have a place.

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Please note if you wish to take part in more than one day/session they must be booked individually.

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We have recently received National Lottery Jubilee funding to create a local Waste hub, to develop new initiatives, train, and raise awareness about reducing, reusing, and recycling .

This project will run an ideas competition open to people under 25 years old. We want to encourage young people to develop waste management ideas.

All young people in Mid Wales are invited to take part in our competition by sending us one or more ideas to reduce, reuse, recycle waste.

We will select a maximum of 8 ideas and invite the participants to an ideathon on the Sunday 10th July: a full day of "idea maturation”.

During one day they will have access to experts in different fields (waste management, business, project management...) to help them boost their idea and turn it into a viable project.

Entrants will have the possibility to group together at this stage to develop common projects.

At the end of the day, the ideas will be pitched in front of a panel of judges who will vote for the 2 best projects (individual or collective) to receive a bursary of £6000 each to run their project for 6 months, supported and supervised by The Hanging Gardens.

The idea here is threefold:

- to encourage the emergence of new initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle waste

- to give local young people the chance to show what they can do, to develop their ideas, to network, to learn new skills and know-how.

- Create opportunities to develop new businesses, and allow young people to get involved in their area

The deadline is the 1st of July

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Kite and Meadow festival poster wildlife sustainability

Kites & Meadows Festival

On June 17 and 18th we will be hosting the first Kite and Meadow Festival. The event will celebrate upcycling, biodiversity, arts and food. Workshops will take place to create kites from upcycled and recycled materials. Through our partnership with Zero Carbon Llanidloes and The Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust we will host a ‘Bioblitz’ event – where participants will have the chance to explore the flora and fauna of a hay meadow, guided by botanists and entomologists to identify species. Handpowered and the Scything Associaiton of Britain and Ireland will host scything events where participants can take part in the haymaking – learning to scythe and make traditional stooks. We hope to have the help of some of the older members of our community to pass on these skills to a younger generation. This event is funded by The National Lottery and The Landfill Disposal Tax Communtiy Scheme.

Learn more about our partners:         

Repair Cafe advert



Volunteers will help repair clocks, phones, small mechanicals, electricals, other repairs and tool sharpening.

FREE, but donations are welcome.

On a Saturday once a month 9.30 am - 2 pm

Supported by Zero Carbon Llanidloes, The Wilderness Trust and Compton's Yard Charitable Trust

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