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Llanidloes Community Fridge

Food waste is a big issue in the UK and beyond. It’s estimated that a third of all food gets wasted. Most of this is avoidable and could have been eaten had it been better managed. The Llanidloes Community Fridge helps cut food waste, build stronger bonds within the community and redistributes good quality food.
Funding from the charities Hubbub and Social Farms and Gardens have allowed The Hanging Gardens to open a fridge, freezer and pantry in our community space that is available for everyone to access free food that would otherwise go to waste. A team of food waste fighting volunteers have begun collecting surplus food from COOP supermarket which then goes into the fridge for everyone to use, share and enjoy. Since April 2022, the Community Fridge has redistributed close to 700kg of food that would have otherwise gone into landfill. The Fridge is easy to access and use, just pop in during Hanging Gardens open hours, take what you need and donate what you don’t.
Volunteers hosted a community meal for the public using food from the fridge, which was a wonderful event to connect and share and launch the project. The fridge team also hosted a healthy meal for children at the Platinum Jubilee celebration preparing over 90 Lunch boxes using some
ingredients collected as surplus.
The group is looking for more individuals and businesses to get involved whether it be bringing in surplus food from home and gardens, businesses reaching out to see how to donate their surplus food or volunteering time to help.

You can help us look after the fridge in the following ways:

  • Help us find businesses to donate food to the fridge

  • Collection of food from donors 

  • Fridge cleaning and monitoring

  • Local fridge promotion

  • Donating surplus food from your home, garden or business

  • Organising events and fundraisers to support the fridge and the local community 

  • Hosting or cooking community meals

  • Social media

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Waste plastic bottles


The Hanging Gardens has placed itself as a hub of creative and regenerative practices since it opened in June 2021. Close to our hearts are two policies of the Welsh government: The Wellbeing of Future Generations, and Towards Zero Waste. At the Hanging Gardens we are working to meet all points of these policies. Dedicated groups focused on waste reduction have used the space for activities such as puppet making, using up-cycled waste materials to animate stories, creating a lively atmosphere for children, family and adults. To further reduce waste, we currently house 2 Terracycle™ bins to collect rubber washing-up gloves and water filters. As a means of cutting out waste in food systems The Hanging Gardens has hosted communal meals. These meals can drastically cut out food waste from meals.

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