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There are various ways you can get involved and help The Hanging Gardens

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Volunteers in Community Gardens


We have weekly volunteering sessions, Mondays 2 – 4 PM. These are a chance to learn a new skill, learn more about the project, work with your neighbours and have a cuppa and a chat.  

For people who want a more committed volunteering role we can tailor jobs to meet your needs. Volunteer roles include working in the café, the garden and with building renovation work.  We need volunteers who can advise us, help with business, legal and strategic planning, manage small projects,  write fundraising bids, put on events, network,  teach , keep bees, cook, help in the cafe, play music  – in fact probably anything you can offer would be useful!

The support we get from volunteers is invaluable to us. We offer training: Food Hygiene Level 2, Health and Safety at work, First Aid training & Gardening training.  

We welcome everybody to join us and to share their experiences, skills and knowledge. If you have a particular set of skills that you think could help our project please drop in for a chat with a member of our team, or you can email 

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Volunteer fundraising


The Hanging Gardens is a community space run by The Wilderness Trust, we are reliant on funding to continue the renovation work that the rest of the project needs. We welcome any financial help which we can get. If you have an idea for a fundraising campaign we would be delighted to work with you to bring it to life! 

If fundraising isn’t something you feel like getting involved with then even the smallest donations help us to continue to work.


By spending time and money in our café you can also support The Hanging Gardens. We source our food from local producers, which means that whenever you eat in our café you are supporting us and other local people!

The cafe staff


Our small team is reliant on funding to grow – to keep our project moving forward we dedicate time to applying for funding. This means that we may be advertising jobs in the future.


Check back here to see if you might be able to join the team! 

Puppetsoup Childrens Theatre


Whilst we are always happy to have the help of volunteers at The Hanging Gardens, there are many other groups and organisations which require your support too.


For more information on these groups and the work they are doing please visit our Partners page

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