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Past Events

Sowing seeds for the future drawing.jpg

Sowing Seeds for the

Future Workshop

On the 5th March The Hanging Gardens hosted a combined event and workshop day. The day was started with a seed swap organised by our highly motivated and knowledgeable gardener. The activity also facilitated other local groups to exhibit their projects which were aligned with the ethos of the day ‘Sowing seeds for the future’. Groups in attendance were; Gwneud Gwair Cymeig, Zero Carbon Llanidloes, the Repair Team, Llani Car Club, Wales Seed Hub. This event was organised so that attendees of the seedswap were then engaged in a community workshop, a community meal was served to attendees. The Community Workshop looked at Llanidloes in 2037 if a best case scenario is achieved. Attendees to the event brainstormed ideas and we workshopped these ideas into achievable actions, whilst these ideas were discussed a graphic facilitator created an illustration of the ideas set within our town. The workshop was attended by 107 people, resulting in a ‘ideas’ tree and  a beautiful, large illustration. These works will serve our community as we work to achieve these goals and remind us of a successful community event for years to come.

Nula Hula fire display
Pumpkin Festival logo

Llanidloes Pumpkin

Festival 2021

The Pumpkin Festival was a day of community celebration and involvement at the close of October. Festivities were hosted on a pedestrianised Great Oak Street – bringing people out onto the street to socialise, dance, drink, eat and enjoy each other's company after a long spell of mandatory isolating. Organised by The Wilderness Trust in conjunction with Llanidloes Town Council, Llanidloes Charter Market, Llanidloes primary and secondary schools, Newtown College, Credu, the Rotary Club -  and with help from almost every local business and  so many volunteers. The day was a tremendous success, attended by over 1000 people. The festival showed us what life can be like post-lockdown in a small-town when cohesive actions are prioritised.  

Nula Hula fire display


Today humanity faces many challenges that have a global and lasting impact on our way of life. The planet's average surface temperature has already risen about 1.14C since the late 19th century, and scientists forecast a rise of 2C to 5C by the end of the century. This change is driven by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere, but also by the destruction of natural environment and wildlife all around the world. Its consequences on biodiversity, agriculture, economy, heath, water access... are unprecedented.

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Sowing seeds for the future drawing.jpg
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