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If you would like to learn more about how you can make a positive change to the community and environment, please see our links below

Waste for recycling
Litter Picking


Living in the 21st century it can feel like every activity that we do, every product that we buy only further damages our precious planet. That is why we are committed to building towards a fair and green recovery. We have adopted the Welsh Senedd’s frameworks to design activities, workshops and talks to help our community achieve these national goals. 




At The Hanging Gardens we want to reduce the negative impacts of modern living. We have designed a series of workshops and activities to help reduce the household waste stream – through creation of a food hub, hosting the local Repair Events Group, encouraging food growing, composting on site,  . We are mindful of the materials we use in our build, incorporating traditional and natural materials wherever possible, recycling and reclaiming timber, doors and windows. . We will be incorporating some of the wonders of modern technology too as we develop sustainable heating and electricity generation systems.


Forest fire


At the Hanging Gardens we strive to address and tackle climate change in all ways we can. From experience running a farm at zero carbon our directors know how important it is to make changes to do what is best for our planet. We are not only ensuring that our work has a positive impact on the environment but also to help teach and guide people on how they can use creative imagination to address some of the greatest challenges of our time, turning anxiety and fear into motivation and action. Whether growing, coming on training sessions, attending talks, joining a waste reducing community meal, there will be many ways where individuals can have their effect on the mammoth task that sits before us all.


Fresh bread and salad bowls
Heathy Food


In addition to our café selling delicious healthy food, we are dedicated to creating a network of people and an array of activities surrounding food, from growing and producing to processing, cooking and eating. We believe that reconnecting people with food they have grown and the history and heritage of food in our area is key to creating healthy and passionate relationships with food and community. 


Hafren Forest


When absorbed by the buzzing human activities of the Hanging Gardens, we can often forget about the many minute and elusive creatures that use, live and thrive in our gardens, eves, and nooks and crannies' surrounding the hub. At the Hanging Gardens, the flora and fauna we interact with are just as important as the people and in fact we believe the two go hand in hand. Our passion is to create beautiful spaces to be used by all whether human or otherwise. We are constantly evolving and expanding our network with other wildlife organisations to ensure we are doing the best for the insects, frogs, pollinators, and animals that are so important to our ecosystems.



Jane Davidson's talk at the Pumkin festival



In October 2021 The Hanging Gardens hosted The Pumpkin Festival. We invited Jane Davidson (former Senedd member, Minister for environment, sustainability and housing, author of #futuregen, Lessons from a Small County and the first Future Generations Commissioner in the world!) to talk at our newly opened venue because we love her vision for Wales and feel it ties in so well with what we are doing in our little corner. Jane spoke about the Wellbeing of Future Generations Commission, a tool to hold accountable policy makers in Wales.

A Message For Our Time (The Hanging Gardens Oct 2021)Jane Davidson
00:00 / 1:02:03
Jane Davidson
Sophie Howe


The current Wellbeing of Future Generations Commissioner (WFGC) is Sophie Howe. The role of the commissioner is to ensure that the wellbeing of future generations is duly considered when new policies and laws are made. The WFGC is a new tool, and as such it has not necessarily been used to its full potential yet. If you believe that there are aspects of Welsh policy or law that are faulty or not being used to their full potential, you can write to Sophie Howell detailing the short comings. To be successful in triggering the WFGC into action – encourage your friends, family, and neighbours to also write to Sophie Howe.


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