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Meet The Team

Kevin Blockey Portrait

Hi I'm Kevin, when not working as Treasurer 

and overseeing the building work on this project, I manage my

own archaeological consultancy - specialising in Cathedrals, work on

the farm  and carve

stone. (I am a Member

of the Royal Society of Sculptors).

Fran Blockey Portrait

Hi. I'm Fran. I'm passionate about nature, gardening, art and cosmology.  When not working on this project you'll find me farming (agroecology) just above Llanidloes. I'm fascinated by the origins of farming and am helping to reconstruct a Neolithic settlement  - to explore the lives and minds of our ancestors. 


Hi I'm Richie, when I'm not organising events in our new performance space, I can usually be found sat in front of my iMac working on my latest graphic design project. On my days off, I spend time chilling with my cats or fiddling with my collection of synthesisers.


Hi I’m Lucy, when I'm not managing the café, I love spending time with my partner and two young children. I also enjoy walking and being by the coast. I love nothing more than a cup of tea, but am also very passionate about good coffee!

chloe headshot-01.png

Hi I’m Chloe! I cook healthy, seasonal food in the café and also facilitate weekly creative sessions for parents. When not working at The Hanging Gardens you’ll usually find me outdoors with my son - whether camping around the British isles, digging in the vegetable garden or walking up one of the nearby hills. (Usually with enough time for a game of hide and seek on the way down!)


Hi I’m Bumble, when I'm not down The Hanging Gardens managing my team of humans, I love nothing more than long walks or sleeping just about anywhere whilst dreaming of chasing Rabbits

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